How to Order

In order  for costumers to enjoy Sanuki Udon casually,

MARUGAME SEIMEN takes an order in self service stlye.

  • STEP1
    Order Udon.
    Please choose a serving style from "Cold" or "Hot" udon first, then, the size "Regular" or "Large".
    Steps How to Order
  • STEP2
    Wait for Udon to be cooked
    Please be ready with "Bowl" and "Plate" while waiting, Wait for Udon to be cooked
    Steps How to Order
  • STEP3
    Receive Udon.
    Once received your Udon, please move forward to Tempura and Omusubi place.
    Steps How to Order
  • STEP4
    Choose toppings.
    Please put your choice of Tempura or Omusubi on your plate.
    Steps How to Order
  • STEP5
    Please pay at the cashier.
    When everything is ready, please make payment at cashier at the end of a lane.
    After payment,
    Please help yourself for “Seasoning” at Condiment bar and take your seat.
    Thank you for using our service
    Steps How to Order


  • Kamaage Udon

    <span class="translation-target-54">Kamaage Udon</span>

    According to the serving style in Sanuki, we serve Udon hot from the pot to the tub. This is our recommended choice to enjoy chewy Udon noodles.

  • Kake Udon

    <span class="translation-target-56">Kake Udon</span>

    This is a classic style of Udon served with broth. Please help yourself to broth.

  • Bukkake Udon

    <span class="translation-target-58">Bukkake Udon</span>

    We serve Udon with thick broth. You may also try "Torotama Udon" with sticky yam and soft boiled egg!

  • Udon with dipping sauce

    <span class="translation-target-62">Udon with dipping sauce</span>

    Cooked Udon rinsed in cold water goes very well with thick broth. You will definitely like it.

How to Order